Wood for the Trees

15 August 2014 #465

Cover Story: Wood for the Trees

On the 35th anniversary of Australia’s first forest protest, Greg Foyster re-examines the so-called ‘fight for the forests’, and asks if the old image of greenies versus loggers is still relevant. 

Also in this issue:

Tree-climber and conservation scientist YD Bar-ness gets up close and personal with trees from around the world; Maxim Ross looks back at his life of living large, and how it just might be the death of him; Rebecca Harkins-Cross ponders the everyman appeal of Joel Edgerton; and in ‘Roving Eye’, we look at one photographer’s attempt to document the oldest living things in the world.

The star of this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Paul from Sydney. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Phil L in Melbourne; Bill A in Fremantle; Lee E and Peter D in Sydney; Deb L in Brisbane; and Sam S in Adelaide. We also have a great picture of vendor Stevo being jovial with the state manager of The Big Issue in Perth.


Attention fiction lovers: Next edition (Fri 29th) we will be launching the 10th annual Big Issue Fiction Edition. This year, we have 12 stories, 16 additional pages and beautiful illustrations, so be sure not to miss it! 

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