The Hole Left Behind

26 September 2014 #468

Cover Story: The Hole Left Behind


Robin Williams’ death left the world in shock, but opened up an important discussion about mental health and suicide. In this issue we have a number of stories from different perspectives, all focused on the ‘invisible disability’ and its consequences.  

Also in this issue:

Well-known blogger Lorelei Vashti dresses up the connection between clothes and memory; Fiona Scott-Norman looks at local endangered species, and she’s not just talking about animals; Bosnian refugee Fikret Pajalic pushes boundaries with his newfound love of cricket; and in ‘Roving Eye’ we look at an old Irish Traveller tradition that is struggling to hold on in a modern environment.

The star of this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Jeff from Melbourne. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Ben in Brisbane; Marcus and Peter in Sydney; and Cheryl in Melbourne. We also have a great photo of Big Issue columnist Ricky French in Broome with Don – the only vendor north of Perth and west of Darwin.


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