Kiwis On Top

9 October 2014 #469

Cover Story: Kiwis On Top

In sport, politics and the arts, New Zealand is on a roll. And it has fjords. In this edition, we take a look at all things Kiwi.

Cameron D Hunter shares some hard-earned practical tips for those doing it tough; we reflect on the unstoppable, colourful, meticulously coordinated juggernaut that is K-pop; Rebecca Harkins-Cross chats with Scottish actor Ewan McGregor; and in ‘Roving Eye’, one photographer journeys to Kolkata, India, for the annual Durga Puja festival.

The star of this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Bevan from Western Australia. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Les in Maryborough, Vic; Margarita R and Jai J from Sydney; Adam from Melbourne; Daniel B from Brisbane; and Adrian H from Adelaide. We also have a great photo of Kylie M who sells The Big Issue in Canberra, hanging out with members of her NRL team, the Sydney Roosters. 

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