The Rich and The Rest

6 November 2014 #471

Cover Story: The Rich and The Rest

As world leaders from the G20 countries gather in Brisbane to discuss economic growth, the gap between the rich and poor grows ever wider. We also feature an eyewitness perspective on prosperity and poverty.

Also in this issue:

Suralini Fernando explores chaos, forgiveness and creative exercise regimes in the capital of Bangladesh; Raphaelle Race wonders if adulthood means the end of fantasy and adventure; we delve into the story of Vivian Maier, the anonymous nanny who became a photography legend; and in ‘Roving Eye’, photographer Nathan Miller looks at how history and prosperity intertwine in an Israeli city with a long and tumultuous past.

The star of this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Tim from Sydney. And in ‘Streetsheet’ we explore vendors and their furry, feathered and feline friends to celebrate the launch of The Big Issue 2015 Calendar on 11 November. We have a great photo of WA vendor Susie and her dog George, who feature in the calendar this year. We also have pet-themed contributions from Norm in Brisbane; Robert W, Kyra and Emma in Melbourne; and some big, non pet-related news from Bonnie W in Adelaide

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