Hola Hollywood

20 November 2014 #472

Cover Story: Hola Hollywood

Despite the rising stars of a select few, Hollywood still has a complicated relationship with those from Spanish-speaking backgrounds. We also delve into learning, and losing yourself, in a second language.

Also in this issue:

Patrick Witton juggles his preconceptions when the circus comes to town; film critic Tommy Edison explains his unique view; Emily Morgan ponders the RSL and its role, 100 years after WWI; and in ‘Roving Eye’, a project focussed on Vietnam veterans brings together past and present.

The star of this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Greg from Brisbane. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Michael F in MelbourneNorm and Matthew in Brisbane; and Tania and Ron S in Sydney. We also have a great picture of street soccer player Gary B from Newcastle and Melbourne volunteer Paul, after they completed the Melbourne Marathon in just over four hours!

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