Stand and Deliver

9 January 2015 #475

Cover Story: Stand and Deliver

In 2011, Australia was runner-up in the Asian Cup. Four years later, it’s on again – and on home soil. But are the Socceroos, and their embattled coach, really match ready? 

Also in this issue:

Katherine Smyrk strikes a chord with nonagenarian pianist, Jean McDougall; Patrick Witton meets Big Issue Korea vendor Mr Oh; Anthony Morris looks for traces of comedy in Dumb and Dumber To; Craig Buchanan asks: if crime writing isn’t dead, whodunit? And in ‘Roving Eye’, photographer Elizabeth Bull captures an eerie beauty in the blackened walls of her fire-damaged family home.

Starring in this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is James from ACT. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Michael F and Stefan in Melbourne; Craig in Sydney; Tony S in Brisbane; Kerry in Adelaide; and Kathy in Busselton, WA. We also have a photo of Perth vendor Steve W: a Spirit of the Streets singer, who has been selling The Big Issue for three years.

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