Michael Gambon

5 February 2015 #477

Cover Story: Michael Gambon


At 74, and with a new show about to start, veteran performer Michael Gambon is still acting up.

Katherine Smyrk delves into why HIV/AIDS is definitely not just a thing of the past. Nina Butler busts myths about disability. Rebecca Harkins-Cross watches the new film about one of the world’s most infamous whistle-blowers. And in ‘Roving Eye’, photographer Dave Tacon captures the people in the middle of China’s battle between old and new.

Also in this issue:

Starring in this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Kerry from Adelaide. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Neil P in Sydney; David H in Adelaide; Wayne in Melbourne; and Kathy in Busselton, WA. We also have a heart-warming photo of Melbourne vendor Debra with her brand new triplet grandsons: Jacob, Christopher and Robert. 

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