Playing to Win

17 April 2015 #482

Cover Story: Playing to Win

With the recent arrival of Netflix, Australians can’t stop talking about House of Cards. Why has this show been so popular? Is Kevin Spacey’s character ‘evil’? And what can House of Cards tell us about modern politics in Australia? We cover it all in the latest edition.

Also in this issue:

One hundred years on, our pages are filled with voices from the many who were lost at Gallipoli. After the historic meeting between Obama and Castro, Scott McLennan examines how change is affecting the Cuban people. Doug Wallen talks to former Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, about his ongoing musical journey. And in ‘Roving Eye’, a project celebrating the Indigneous people of a small NSW town may be the first step towards righting some historical wrongs.

Starring in this edition’s ‘Vendor Profile’ is Pamela who has worked with Women’s Subscription Enterprise in Sydney. And we have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Ron S and Stuart B in Sydney; Kerry L and Mark M in Adelaide; and Ken in Melbourne

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