Safer Shores

14 May 2015 #484

Cover Story: Safer Shores


We look past the tough-talk and rhetoric to focus on the real faces of refugees and asylum-seekers in Australia. A photo series gives insight into the journeys many have taken to find safety; we speak to people literally carving their place in the suburbs of Melbourne; and we go to Indonesia, where people desperate to come to Australia come up against those desperate to keep them out.

Also in this issue:

An Iranian woman reflects on potatoes, identity and her time in a detention centre; Rebecca Harkins-Cross looks at the new film starring Kristen Stewart and reuniting Juliette Binoche and Olivier Assayas; choose-your-own-adventure books go digitial; and in ‘Roving Eye’ one photographer asks: once people have risked everything for freedom, what do they do with it?

Our ‘Vendor Profile’ is Stephen from Brisbane, who came to Australia as a refugee in 2010. We have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Kathy in Busselton, WA; Daniel in Perth; Dominic in Brisbane; Wayne V in Adelaide; Michael F in Melbourne; and Adla and Mai, who work for the Women’s Subscription Enterprise in Sydney. We also have a great photo of Cindy from Brisbane with a charming canine customer. 

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