The Dig Issue

29 May 2015 #485

Cover Story: The Dig Issue


Royal remains, lost marbles, loot and Time Team… In The ‘Dig’ Issue, we delve into the intriguing treasures that are unearthed when digging up the past.

Also in this issue:

Vin Maskell unlocks lost memories when he rifles through an old stamp collection; Nina Butler looks for romance…with a walking frame; ex-Big Issue Film Editor Rochelle Siemienowicz explores how her life was shaped by religion and sex; and in Roving Eye, old and new photographs from the National Portrait Gallery’s vast collection reveal dramatic changes in the history of the portrait.

The star of our ‘Vendor Profile’ this edition is David from Sydney. We have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Brian S in Adelaide; Manny and Cheryl in Sydney; and Wayne in Melbourne. We also have a photograph of vendor/artist Rob from Ballarat, Vic, with his beautiful artwork, which is for sale. 

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