Here’s Looking at You, Rex

12 June 2015 #486

Cover Story: Here’s Looking at You, Rex


Twenty-two years after dinosaurs first roamed Jurassic Park, the franchise is back. Jurassic World stalks the text generation – who are oh so jaded until…chomp! Guy Davis interviews Chris Pratt about his snappy co-star, Indominos Rex. And we unearth dinosaurs who gnawed the silver screen, long before the first Jurassic outing. 

Gemma Meier mourns a small country school stuck in recess; Emily Morgan tells her nail-biting story; Fiona Scott-Norman waits impatiently for gloriously gay wedding bells; Lou Heinrich leafs through David Duchovny’s novel…and other celebrity horror stories; and in Roving Eye, a photographer freeze frames the wintry beauty of Hokkaido, Japan.

Starring in Vendor Profile this issue is Dale from Darwin. We have ‘Streetsheet’ contributions from Alfred L and Brendan C in Brisbane; Owen and Jeff in Melbourne; Paul B in Adelaide; Pat L in Perth; and Mark W in Sydney. We also feature an illustration by Kate C, who sells the magazine in Melbourne with her canine companion, Gus

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