10 July 2015 #488



How do you begin to assess David Bowie’s impact over six decades? In this edition we try our very best to understand pop culture’s shape-shifter. We look at his otherworldly films, his jaw-dropping fashion and the music that changed everything. 

Also in this issue:

Dylan Moran stands up to take a good, hard look at his former self; Lucy Nelson discovers how emoticons, Twitter and smartphones are changing the way we write fiction; we map Lana Del Ray’s journey from obscurity to stardom; and in Roving Eye, one photographer manages to survive a sound, light and frights festival in Taiwan.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Joe from Canberra. We have Streetsheet contributions from Daniel K in Adelaide; Jason, Gill, and Pat in Perth; Ken and Sharon in Melbourne; Adam W in Brisbane and Lionel P in Sydney. We also have a photo of Scott W from Sydney who reached an exciting personal milestone: selling 500 copies of Ed#485 in less than a fortnight! 

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