23 July 2015 #489

Cover Story: REBEL REBEL


While people waste time debating if women can be funny, Rebel Wilson (along with some others) shoots to comedy stardom. And as regular as winter, news bulletins and consumers of high roughage breakfast cereals,The Big Issue’s annual quiz is back – to amuse, perplex and annoy you. Have you been paying attention?

Also in this issue:

The rise of funny feminist, Amy Schumer; a progress report from our Man in Mount Isa; Fiona Scott-Norman issues a call to arms for Generation X; and in Roving Eye, cat snaps get a little more dangerous.

Starring in Vendor Profile this edition is Mark from Adelaide. We have Streetsheet contributions from Alfred in Brisbane; Coral G and CP in Melbourne; Stevo in Perth; Stephen H in Adelaide and Andrew W in Sydney. We also have a photograph of Steve W selling the magazine near one of The Giants art scultpures in Perth.

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