28 August 2015 #492

Cover Story: FIRE BRAND


He talks...and talks. He’s funny, but wants to be taken seriously. He argued against voting, then urged Brits to vote for Labour. Just when you think he’s a prat, he suddenly makes sense. Australia, get ready: Russell Brand will soon be here.

Also in this issue:

Alan Attwood ponders Brand’s latest film, and how it fits into The Big Issue’s values; Fiona Scott-Norman urges us to stand up, or else be doomed to the Jason recliner; Tim Kroenert rhapsodises about Queen, 40 years after A Night at the Opera; and in Roving Eye, a heavy-metal fan (and photographer) focuses on the wild world of headbangers.

Starring in Vendor Profile this edition is Gary from Sydney. We have a special Streetsheet tribute to Melbourne vendor, Bob, who died recently. We also have contributions from Jason in Sydney; Natasha and Brett in Perth; Martin D in Brisbane; and Adrian in Adelaide. Then there’s a great picture of David S, who achieved a personal effort for his walk in this year’s City2Surf – two hours, 31 minutes. 

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