25 September 2015 #494

Cover Story: TRUE GRIP


John Wayne was on a stagecoach in the 1930s, Guy Pearce was in the Australian outback a decade ago and now Quentin Tarantino is riding back into town... So how does the Western keep clip-clopping along?

Also in this issue:

Katherine Smyrk discovers a surprising secret on the Spanish south coast; Kristine Lane tells the story of how her mum became homeless; Fiona Scott-Norman gets life lessons from tentacle-faced moles; and in Roving Eye, one photographer gets involved in some fishy business.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Caroline from Perth. We have Streetsheet contributions from Michael L in Adelaide; Pat L and Mary in Perth; and Mike H in Melbourne. We also have a great photo and story, ‘Me and My Sleeping Bag’ from Phil L in Melbourne.


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