9 October 2015 #495


From the Simpsons to Alice and Peter Pan, the line between children’s and adult’s entertainment is increasingly blurry. Especially when a certain PM has let slip that the concept of ‘growing up’ may actually be redundant.

Also in this issue:

We delve into the celebrity-filled, and now 3D, world of Blinky Bill; Luke Wright muses on a childish fib that goes way too far; Nina Butler has some tips for those wanting to ‘help’ disabled people; and in Roving Eye, photographers from a dry continent seek out water, in pools and the sea.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Kathy from Busselton, WA. We have Streetsheet contributions from Drew in Sydney; Harley B and Michael W from Adelaide; Sean from Perth; and Alfred L in Brisbane. We also have a beautiful illustration from Adrian, who used to sell The Big Issue in Victoria, and still pops in to visit from time to time! 

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