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15 October 2015 #496

Cover Story: AC/DC

Forty years and a billion riffs since the release of their debut album, Australia’s biggest rock band is set to shake the country again. In this edition we salute AC/DC, and take a look at just how they have endured so well.

Also in this issue:

Melissa Cranenburgh gets lost in the magical world of David Mitchell; Trevor Brown journeys into the mountains and discovers something he thought lost; Evette Wolf looks for a place to call home on the wrong side of the ‘Dids’ and the ‘Didn’t’s’ divide – a small taste of what’s to come in next issue’s Housing Edition; and in Roving Eye, a photographer documents one man’s painstaking recovery from a paralysing illness.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Vernon from Adelaide. We have Streetsheet contributions from Rachel T in Sydney; Sarah from Perth; Simon G and Kerry Anne in Adelaide; and Kathy in Busselton, WA. We also have a photograph of Damo from Melbourne with St Kilda AFL club star Jack Billings, who gave him game tickets, a jumper, a jacket and a member’s season pass for next year when he found out Damo was a huge Saints fan. 

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