No Place Like Home

29 October 2015 #497

Cover Story: No Place Like Home

Housing. Affordable housing. It’s something we desperately need more of in Australia. In this special edition we look at housing models that save lives, government spending priorities and the endemic issues of long-term renting. And we ask, what more can be done to resolve the plight of the more than 100,000 Australians without shelter? And how do we stop others from joining their ranks?

Also in this issue:

Leigh Raymond revisits memories of her childhood home; new book Wild Man exposes the fatal flaws in Australia’s mental health system; cinema grande dame Judy Davis maintains that she’s scary, but fails to convince; and in Roving Eye, photos show how Nauru is a home for many people. 

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Sam from Canberra. We have Streetsheet contributions from Clifford B in Perth; Marcus and Jason in Sydney; Jenny B and Daryl in Melbourne; and Dean W in Adelaide. We also have a great photograph of Adam from Melbourne when he sold the Westerns Edition (Ed#494) at a gathering of an ‘Indian Riders Association’. 

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