Star Wars

26 November 2015 #499

Cover Story: Star Wars


The latest instalment of the Star Wars saga is about to hit the screens. We take a look at the history, the bottom-line and the fan theories and try to figure out: just what is behind the galactic success of these movies?

Also in this issue:

Nina Butler has an extreme sports epiphany; Lawrence Leung’s new film does its best to give Star Wars a run for its money; Crawford Productions is remembered, 70 years after its beginning; and in Roving Eye, some young men find fun in the middle of a war zone.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Phil from Melbourne. We have Streetsheet contributions from Mark JW and Peter D in Sydney; and Geoff and Conrad M in Melbourne. We also have a great photo of massive Hawks fans, Chris and Steve W from Perth, at the recent AFL Grand Final in Melbourne. 

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