The Queen Bey

22 January 2016 #503

Cover Story: The Queen Bey

Bow down – the Queen Bey is here. From a rapping childhood, through the R’n’B teens, past sparkly pop princess, to Amazonian powerhouse: in this edition Katherine Smyrk takes a look at the remarkable, powerful, ever-changing career of Beyoncé.

Also in this issue...

Lorraine Pink discovers artful meaning in Ai Weiwei’s work; Thuy On says goodbye to a friend of 18 years; Fiona Scott-Norman runs for her life; and in Roving Eye, the dark tastes of the Victorian era are immortalised on film.

Starring in Vendor Profile this edition is Marcus from Sydney. We have Streetsheet contributions from Ted in Brisbane; Harley B in Adelaide; Dave S in Sydney; and Lachlan in Melbourne. We also have a great photo of Sydney vendors selling alongside members from sons of Obiwan (the only lightsaber academy in the southern hemisphere), to promote last year’s Star Wars edition!

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