Not Dead Yet

5 February 2016 #504

Cover Story: Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet

It’s been almost 50 years since the hilarious antics of the men from Monty Python first hit British TV, and they are still kicking (well, most of them). As John Cleese and Eric Idle prepare to grace Australian stages with their special brand of silliness, Michael Epis ponders whether the cash cow has been milked dry.

Also in this issue...

Bonnie Smith continues her mother’s story of heart, which first appeared in The Big Issue in May 2010; Suralini Fernando leaves one home to return to another; Fiona Scott-Norman decides to follow in the final footsteps of David Bowie; and in Roving Eye, the true cost of education in Cambodia is revealed.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Nathan from Brisbane. We have Streetsheet contributions from Steve B and Dianne in Melbourne; Cindy C and Brendan in Brisbane; Charlie in Perth; and Kerry L in Adelaide. We also have a photograph of Melbourne vendor Jeff with his new selling companion, Andy Penn, who is also the CEO of Telstra. Andy was participating in a CEO Selling event, which are happening all over the country to help celebrate International Vendor Week.

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