Sound Waves

18 February 2016 #505

Cover Story: Sound Waves

Sound Waves

Alec Baldwin does it. Lena Dunham does it. Ice-T does it, Snooki does it. Even our associate editor Melissa Cranenburgh has done it. They podcast. As shows like Serial achieve record-breaking popularity, we take a closer look (or listen) at podcasts, and to try to figure out why they’re so damn appealing.

Also in this issue:

A doctor heads into indigenous communities to help fight an endemic health problem; Anthony Morris celebrates the 40th birthday of iconic 70s film Taxi Driver; true crime books undergo a makeover (and the results are good); and in Roving Eye, old things find new life in Myanmar.

Starring in the Vendor Profile this edition is Coral from Melbourne. We have Streetsheet contributions from Jason and Steve J in Adelaide; Sean in Perth; Glenn B in Brisbane; Rachel in Sydney; and Emma in Melbourne. We also have a photograph of Perth vendor Greg with the most important person in his life, his friend Lynette.

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