Start Your Engines

17 March 2016 #507

Cover Story: Start Your Engines

Start Your Engines

Roll down your windows everyone…because The Big Issue is about to get CAR SICK! From first cars to the Grand Prix, vinyl seats and races across the desert, in this edition we delve into the world of automobiles and arrive at one conclusion: cars are still making people’s engines roar.

Also in this issue:

Julian Ogle shares a personal perspective from “inside”; Isabella Fels gets tangled up in misbehaving locks; WA shows off its unique place in the literary landscape; and in Roving Eye, young Balinese boys celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Kim from Perth stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. And we have Streetsheet contributions from Mark W in Adelaide; Nathan C in Brisbane; Marcus in Melbourne; and Rebecca M in Sydney. We also have a beautiful painting from Adrian, who used to sell The Big Issue in Victoria, and still pops in from time to time. The Big Issue’s own motorsport enthusiast, Melbourne vendor Mark F, appears on this edition’s editorial page – which is addressed to him as an open letter. Mark has been photographed alongside former Australian of the Year Simon McKeon and kitted out Grand Prix-racer style, care of a recent pre-race promotional exhibition.

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