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28 March 2016 #508

Cover Story: Zombies


From graphic novels to Jane Austen, zombies have risen from their voodoo origins and are well and truly among us. So why are the living dead such a pop-culture phenomenon? And what can these walking corpses tell us about modern society? Find out in this deadly edition of The Big Issue

Also in this issue...

Melissa Cranenburgh reflects on how zombies helped her face adulthood head on; Rachel Watts goes through a break-up with alcohol; Kristine Lane teaches us a lesson about poverty in schools; and in Roving Eye, beautifully crafted photo portraits live on – even in the age of the selfie.

Simon from Adelaide stars in the Vendor Profile this edition (and gets a guernsey in Streetsheet). We have other Streetsheet contributions from Ronnie and Glenn B in Brisbane; Peter D in Sydney; Steven J in Adelaide; and Stefan R in Melbourne. We also have a ripping photo of Perth vendor Steven R – who could easily pass for AC/DC’s Angus Young.

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