Two Degrees of Devastation

21 April 2016 #510

Cover Story: Two Degrees of Devastation

Two degrees of devastation

In just 14 years, global temperatures are set to be 2°C above pre-industrial levels. From the daily fear of bushfires to rocketing insurance costs, the implications of climate change are serious…and happening now. In this special edition we revisit Leonardo DiCaprio’s impassioned Oscar’s speech about “the most urgent threat facing our entire species”, and take a look at what all this means for average, urban-dwelling Australians.

Also in this issue...

Lorin Clarke delivers her personalised guide to your TV habits; Patrick Witton reclaims his wit; Jane Howard goes to the cinema to watch theatre; and in Roving Eye, adorable animal photos tickle our funny bones.

John from Melbourne stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from Michael P in Melbourne; Mark JW in Sydney; Mark W in Adelaide; Bob S in Sydney; and Sarah W in Fremantle. We also have a photo of Joshua P from Perth with cute canine guest vendors, Coco and her mate.

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