Take It As Red

6 May 2016 #511

Cover Story: Take It As Red

Well Red

Redheads throughout history have been reviled and celebrated in equal measure. In this special edition we take a close look at the rarest of hair colours, delve into high school bullying, attend Australia’s first Ginger Pride Rally and explore why on earth we are so fixated on redheads.

Also in this issue...

Thornton McCamish takes a look at Alan Moorehead, the famous Australian writer you have never heard of; Eva Orner documents the human toll of harsh border policies in her film, Chasing Asylum; Doug Wallen chats to Eric Burdon of The Animals about that song; and in Roving Eye, portraits of redheads found in unexpected places.

Mick from Brisbane stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from Anthony N in Adelaide; Eddie and Stephen M in Brisbane; Robert S in Perth; Mick F in Sydney; and Diane in Melbourne. We also have a photo of Lynette C from Perth with her colourful art.

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