Who you gonna... recall?

1 July 2016 #515

Cover Story: Who you gonna... recall?

Who you gonna... recall?

Yep, that’s right, Ghostbusters is back – and this time the ladies are in charge. But, as Anthony Morris explores, some fans aren’t happy about it. In this edition, we look at whether the sexist vitriol is drowning out valid criticism.

Also in this issue...

Lee Kofman has her childhood longing for a sister fulfilled – for a time; Christine Ro checks out a book at the Human Library; Bat for Lashes invites you to her wedding; Fiona Scott-Norman flies up to the front of the magazine; and, in Roving Eye, one photographer travels to the very top right corner of the NT.

Chris from Adelaide stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from Nathan C in Brisbane; Lee W, Darrell and James P in Sydney; Kerry Anne in Adelaide; and Pat L in Perth. We also have a snap of vendor Scott, a participant in the Ballarat Community Street Soccer Program in Victoria, with his fellow soccer teammates.

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