Games We Play

15 July 2016 #516

Cover Story: Games We Play

Games we play

Don’t move. There’s a Pokémon! In this edition you can catch a Pikachu on the cover of The Big Issue as we take a look at gaming and its many incarnations. Anthony Morris looks at the dangerously addictive Pokémon GO, Clem Bastow and Liam Harding describe the sense of home they found from World of Warcraft (and look at the new film), while Leena van Deventer and Dan Golding examine the sometimes fraught experience of being a female gamer.

Also in this issue...

Simon Castles takes us on a nostalgic bus trip through 1980s Canberra; Thuy On tries to imagine writing an entire novel without the letter “e”; Peter Garrett has traded in his tie for his old guitar; and, in Roving Eye, we visit the last of the first skiers in the far north of China.

Rachel from Sydney stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from Fay B in Sydney; Marcus in Melbourne; Stephen M in Brisbane; and Kathy in Western Australia. We also have a snap of vendor Peter L, who talks about moving from San Francisco to Perth when he was 10.

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