Food for thought

28 July 2016 #517

Cover Story: Food for thought

Food for thought

Food, glorious food. From Thermomixes, to MasterChef, to Instagram cupcakes, food has officially reached fetish territory in Australia. But has it gone too far? Melissa Cranenburgh speaks to the two comedians behind The Katering Show about why they have had such success making fun of food. And Sonia Nair explores how, amid gourmet creations and extraordinary excess, too many Australians are still going hungry.

Also in this issue...

Alan Attwood explores why the world needs the Olympics more than ever; Amy Hetherington cheers for the competitors in Rio’s Refugee Team; Katherine Smyrk celebrates the 50th birthday of Play School; Alicia Vikander takes stardom in her stride; and, in Roving Eye, one photographer grabs a bite at the world’s largest soup kitchen.

Jeff from Melbourne stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from Ted in Brisbane; Monica in Sydney; and Rob W in Melbourne. Greg from Melbourne is food critic this fortnight, offering three reviews of local restaurants. We also have a snap of The Big Issue’s Community Street Soccer team that represented us at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow!

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