The Beatles

11 August 2016 #518

Cover Story: The Beatles



It has been 52 years since The Beatles came to Australia, and we’re still talking about them. What is it about those floppyhaired boys from Liverpool? Anastasia Safioleas looks at a new documentary about that explosive touring time, and chats to those who were infected with Beatles mania all those years ago. And Alan Attwood tells us how the music of the Fab Four has been his travel companion, every step of the way.

Also in this issue...

Scott McLennan explores melting Arctic ice and what this mean for those who live there; Fiona Scott-Norman reveals the lengths she’ll go for her family; Vin Maskell ensures the art of letter writing survives the email age; and, in Roving Eye, one photographer pays homage to those beloved furry friends – dogs.

Magoo from Brisbane stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from David H in Melbourne; AnneMarie H and Simon Z in Sydney; Sus in Perth and Eddie D from Brisbane. We also have a snap of Ruth and some celebrity chefs at The Big Issue’s The Big Lunch fundraiser, which took place in Adelaide in support of The Big Issue’s work in South Australia.

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