The 2016 Fiction Edition

25 August 2016 #519

Cover Story: The 2016 Fiction Edition

The Big Issue 12th Fiction Edition

So the saying goes, we are all stories in the end, just make it a good one. Well, with The Big Issue’s 12th Annual Fiction Edition you might be in luck!

Over 12 beautiful stories, this edition hurtles from a shopping mall in suburban Melbourne, to a dystopian retirement home, to the sparkling coast of the Mediterranean. It has stories that will make you hoot with laughter and stories that will get you right in the heart. Featuring the colourful and poetic illustrations of
Eirian Chapman, big-name Australian authors such as John Marsden, Tegan Bennett Daylight, Jennifer Down, Gregory Day and Miles Allinson, and two stories that have already been selected for 2016’s Best Australian Stories, it’s almost guaranteed that there is a story for everyone in this edition. Especially considering this edition has 16 extra pages – something that is only made possible by the support of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

Also in this issue...

Dennis from Canberra stars in the Vendor Profile this edition. We have Streetsheet contributions from Sean and Caroline in Perth; Dianne and Conrad in Melbourne; and Eliza M in Sydney. We also have a tribute to Cliff, a popular and much-loved Perth vendor who recently passed away.

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