Jimmy Barnes

22 September 2016 #521

Cover Story: Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes: The Big Interview

“I spent most of my life running away from my childhood”:

Jimmy Barnes has come to The Big Issue! But this time the star is not talking about rock’n’roll; he talks to Michael Epis about his childhood with an alcoholic mother and violent father – and his journey into music.

“I haven’t beaten my addictions, I’ve got ’em on the ropes and that’s what you do”:

In a Big Issue first, vendors from around the country asked Jimmy questions about his life – from addiction, to homelessness to vocal warm-ups – and the honest, generous answers are both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. 

Our Jimmy Barnes interviewers are Kerry Anne, Mark J and Vernon from Adelaide; Steve J from Sydney; Graham from Brisbane; Mark and Fred from Melbourne; and Rob from Perth.

Also in this issue...

Rosie Batty speaks to our editor about domestic violence and the importance of celebrities like Jimmy Barnes speaking out about their experiences; Tom Doig and Greg Foyster take a look at the possibilities of the clean-energy revolution, and what happens to the communities that are left behind by progress; Dave O’Neil writes about writing his fifth book; and in Roving Eye, the world’s best photographs – you’ll be amazed they’re taken on iPhones.

Shane from Geelong stars in this edition’s Vendor Profile. And in Streetsheet, we have contributions from Berenice and Robert P in Adelaide; Troy S, Steve B and Russell in Melbourne; Dave S in Sydney and Kellee in Perth. We also have a tribute to Tom, a former Melbourne vendor and Big Issue Classroom speaker, who passed away.

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