Harry Potter

3 November 2016 #524

Cover Story: Harry Potter

Ed#524 Harry Potter

It’s been five years since we said goodbye to Harry Potter on the big screen. But this year, the drought is over. Following July’s release of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes a brand new film from the world of magic. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will take us back to what happened 70 years before Harry came to Hogwarts. Our cover story is written by a hard-core fan, ruminating on why we still need (and love) Harry Potter. We also have a Q&A with the star of the new film, Eddie Redmayne, and a look at what post-Potter life has been like for Daniel Radcliffe.

Also in this issue...

Beloved Australian author Tim Winton talks life and literature; we give a clear and engaging explanation of the magic tricks big corporations use to avoid paying their fair share of tax; Australian punk outfit The Peep Tempel tell us about their sing-along social commentary; and in The Big Picture (formerly known as Roving Eye) incredible photographs reveal the world of child bullfighters in Mexico (no bulls were killed in the making of this series). Don’t forget, the 2017 Big Issue Calendar is out now!

Steve from Brisbane stars in this edition’s Vendor Profile. And in Streetsheet, we have contributions from Alfred in Brisbane; Charlie in Perth; and Kerry L and Luke in Adelaide. Nikolas who plays Street Soccer in Canberra writes about the recent Parliamentary Street Soccer Cup held at Parliament House.

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