Star Wars: The Empire Goes Rogue

17 November 2016 #525

Cover Story: Star Wars: The Empire Goes Rogue

Star Wars: The Empire Goes Rogue

Another year, another Star Wars movie! But this time, things look a little different in that galaxy far, far away. Rogue One is the first standalone film in the Star Wars Anthology trilogy, introducing us to a whole new cast of characters. It’s a space heist flick with enough Stormtroopers and heavy breathing from Darth Vader to keep it familiar. And fans – like Jedi devotee Clem Bastow, who wrote our cover story and is creating her own Jyn Erso costume for opening night – can’t wait to see what’s in store. We also have Andy Price reflecting on his long-standing love affair with the world of Star Wars.

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Melissa Cranenburgh looks at how humans will likely be on Mars within the next two decades, and asks why we’re so obsessed with the Red Planet. She even talks to a Brisbane woman who has made it to the final 100 applicants for the permanent Mars One mission. The ever-stylish and captivating Boy George sends a letter to his younger self; we run a hilarious extract from the new book by US actor Anna Kendrick; we say farewell to Leonard Cohen; and The Big Picture features incredible photographs of a real-life Santa’s workshop – in Zhejiang province, China.

Bluey from Melbourne stars in this edition’s Vendor Profile. And in Streetsheet, we have contributions from Jacob and Robbie P in Sydney; Rob N and Pat L in Perth; and Andrew S in Adelaide. We also pay tribute to long-time vendor Owen from Melbourne, who sadly passed away recently, and republish his poignant poem ‘He Said’.

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