Beauty and the Beast

10 March 2017 #532

Cover Story: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Fairytales are getting real – in more ways than one! People are so excited about Disney’s live action remake of its 1991 classic, Beauty and the Beast, the first trailer almost broke the internet. In this edition, the film’s star Emma Watson talks about how the film has been brought into the modern world – from costume design, to Disney’s first openly gay character. But don’t worry, there’s still that iconic yellow dress. Plus we have Anna Spargo-Ryan on why she is looking forward to taking her daughters to see the remake, and TED-talk celebrity Dr Christopher Bell on why Boys Need Princesses, Too!

Also in this issue...

In this edition we bring you a special bumper Big Picture, ‘Australian Stories’ – five people from around the world tell their story of how they came to call Australia home over the last 50 years. We interview Australian director Rachel Perkins about her classic-in-the-making Jasper Jones; to celebrate World Poetry Day (21 March), we bring you a piece by poet extraordinaire Kate Tempest, who wowed Australian audiences with her performance on Q&A late last year; and folk singer-songwriter Laura Marling tells us about the new sound on her sixth album, Semper Femina.

The star of this edition’s Vendor Profile is Dom from Brisbane. And in Streetsheet we have contributions from David L in Perth; Julieanne K from Sydney; and Jeremy and Nathan C in Brisbane. Plus a photograph of David S from Sydney. Happy 50th David!

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