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7 April 2017 #534

Cover Story: Tattoos

Ed#534 Tattoos

Welcome to another INK-CREDIBLE edition! We’re celebrating body art and Australia’s obsession with tattoos. In this edition, we take a look at the fascinating and colourful history of tattoos and why they are taking Australia by storm, before delving into the personal stories behind our body art. Writer Erin Stewart explains how her tattoo helped heal her scars, both internal and external; Andrew P Street talks about his interstellar tattoo tribute to his father; Melbourne vendor, Allan C, takes us on a visual journey of his life by telling the tales of his tatts; and, in Big Picture, a photographer digitally removes the tattoos of former LA gang members, hoping to reveal the people beneath the ink.

Also in this issue...

Rove McManus reveals his deep and obsessive love for Doctor Who, while the current doctor, Peter Capaldi, talks about the struggle with his inner geek in his Letter to My Younger Self; award-winning author Arnold Zable becomes a tourist in his own city; we look at the inescapable allure of the new podcast S-Town; and, in Arts, we talk to author James Bradley about dystopia for teens, look at a film about vegan cannibals and chat with supermodel/musician Karen Elson about music and misogyny.

The star of this edition’s Vendor Profile is Ricky M from Adelaide. We have Streetsheet contributions about tattoos from Cindy and Eddie D from Brisbane; Caroline from Perth; Cheryl S from Melbourne; Rachel T from Sydney. We also have tattoo-esque illustrations by Jarrod, who is part of the Street Soccer program in Melbourne.

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