Born To Be Wild

21 April 2017 #535

Cover Story: Born To Be Wild

Ed#535 Born to be Wild

Lions, tigers and bears are under threat, oh my! In a nod to Earth Day (22 April), we look at the global threat of poaching. It impacts animals, people and environments all over the world. In this edition, writer Rhianna Boyle asks: Why do people poach animals? What impact does it have? And what’s being done to stop it? Cartoonist Zev Landes illustrates the concerning case of the pangolin, the most trafficked mammal in the world (after humans!). In search of a solution, we journey to Namibia, a country that has become an anti-poaching success story.

Also in this issue...

Sigrid Thornton discusses Wentworth, acting and activism in her Letter to My Younger Self. The Smith Street Band’s frontman Wil Wagner reflects on the global success of his Aussie rock band. We have a chat with Oscar-nominated French actor Isabelle Huppert, and Susie Porter discusses her role in the new Australian television series Seven Types of Ambiguity. Also, former editor Alan Attwood writes a moving tribute to comedy legend John Clarke.

The star of this editions Vendor Profile is Jacob S from Sydney. We also have Streetsheet contributions by Natasha B and Harjinder from Perth; Michael L from Adelaide; Brian B from Brisbane; and Brian C from Melbourne. We also have a great photo of our Street Socceroos, including letter-writer Rhys from Canberra, who will be competing in the Homeless World Cup.

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