ABBA (Eurovision special)

5 May 2017 #536

Cover Story: ABBA (Eurovision special)

Ed#536 ABBA (Eurovision special)

In this edition, we celebrate all things cheese, glitz and glam – it’s Eurovision time!

We kick off with Eurovision legends ABBA: Molly Meldrum celebrates their rise to the top of the pops; while Agnetha talks about her sparkling career in Letter to My Younger Self. A longtime Eurovision fan journeys across the world to see all the glamourous glory of the pop spectacular for herself (kicking off 10 May); a Professor of Eurovision (yes, there is such a thing!) explains the politics behind voting; and we finish things off with a hilariously weird Eurovision Quiz!

Also in this issue...

Father John Misty talks apocalypse, misanthropy and the motivation behind his new album; and we talk to the director of the new Brett Whiteley film. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we have two pieces on the complicated but special relationships between mothers and daughters, while in The Big Picture we take a look at different birthing rituals around the world. Also featured is a review of the new book by Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train.

The star of this edition's Vendor Profile is Erik from Melbourne. In Streetsheet we have contributions from Dianne from Melbourne; Glenn B from Brisbane; Kerry Anne from Adelaide; Jodi U from WSE Perth. We also feature a lovely painting by Sharon M from Melbourne.

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