Prince Harry

2 June 2017 #538

Cover Story: Prince Harry

Ed#538 Prince Harry

Our cover star Prince Harry is a man on a mission to raise awareness about mental health. He has opened up about his own long journey to recovery after almost two decades of battling grief following the loss of his mother. He hopes that by speaking out, he will encourage others to feel comfortable about sharing their struggles, and help bust the stigma and silence that still exists around mental health. For Men's Health Week (12-18 June), we've also spoken with two different men about their battles with mental health: Big Issue vendor Ben G from Brisbane and TV host Osher Günsberg.

Also in this issue...

Marina Prior shares her colourful stories from on and off the stage in a Letter to My Younger Self; Jake Johnson talks about sharing a set with Tom Cruise in the blockbuster remake of The Mummy; Aldous Harding crosses the Tasman to release her second album; and we give our verdict on the much-awaited arrival of Twin Peaks.

The star of this edition's Vendor Profile is David from Canberra. We have Streetsheet contributions by Sarah from Fremantle; Jenny B and Michael F from Melbourne; Fay B and Keli M from Sydney; and Rhys from Adelaide. We also have a photo of Brian from Adelaide as he celebrates being with The Big Issue for 500 editions.

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