Game of Thrones

13 July 2017 #541

Cover Story: Game of Thrones

Ed#541 Game of Thrones

Winter is here…at The Big Issue that is! Game of Thrones, arguably the world’s biggest and baddest television show, is back for its seventh season from 17 July. We journey into the fantasy world of Westeros with an in-depth analysis from cultural critic (and fan) Clem Bastow; writer Chris Kennett presents a hilarious summary of the story so far (that both fans and non-fans will enjoy); and we go behind-the-scenes on set in Northern Ireland, where Game of Thrones has given the area a desperately needed PR boost.

Also in this issue...

We speak to Tina Arena about her new music and career so far; Billy Bragg spruiks his new book about the lost art of skiffle music; Gillian Triggs talks about the highs and lows of being president of the Human Rights Commission in Letter to My Younger Self; and author Jamila Rizvi writes about life with a two-year-old dictator.

The star of this edition’s Vendor Profile is Robert P from Adelaide. We have Streetsheet contributions from Bob C from Sydney; Jenny B from Melbourne; Dylan from Perth; John S from Brisbane; plus a picture and contribution by Malcolm from Perth, talking about his sponsorship of seeing eye dogs. And in Return to Vendor we speak with Sydney vendor Glenn F and his customer Deryn.

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