Hamish and Andy

27 July 2017 #542

Cover Story: Hamish and Andy

Ed#542 Hamish and Andy

The boys are back! Almost 10 years ago, up-and-coming comedy duo Hamish and Andy were on the cover of The Big Issue. Now, the two have a new TV show, Hamish has a new baby, and they are about to finish up their long-running national radio show. For this special flip-cover edition, Hamish and Andy donned the signature yellow Big Issue vendor vest with pride and opened up about how they first met, their comedy process and how they keep their “marriage” alive.

Also in this issue...

Former US Vice President Al Gore speaks to us about his new film, An Inconvenient Sequel, and gives us hope for the future; Star Trek superstar George Takei speaks about marching with Martin Luther King, gay marriage and Trekkies in Letter to My Younger Self; Melbourne vendor Sharon shares a raw and moving snapshot of life on the street in time for Homelessness Week (August 7-13); Aaron Pedersen talks about being on the other side of the law in his new film, Killing Ground; and Les Twentyman reflects on a lifetime of fighting for the little guy.

The star of this edition’s Vendor Profile is Mark L from our new pitch on the Gold Coast. We have a photo and tribute to vendor Bill from Sydney who passed away, with contributions from state manager Chris Campbell and vendor Glenn F. We also have contributions from Simon and Daniel K from Adelaide; Sean from Perth; Linda L from Ballarat; and Anne-Marie from Sydney. In Return to Vendor this edition we hear about the special friendship between Michael from Sydney and his regular customer Shaizy.

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