Rise of the Robots

22 September 2017 #546

Cover Story: Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots

The robots are coming! Find out how you can survive the robot revolution in the newest edition of The Big Issue. On the eve of the release of the sequel to the ultimate dystopian A.I. movie, Blade Runner, we take a ride through the world of robots on the screen, and look at how close these sci-fi plots are to becoming a reality. Two international A.I. experts weigh in on the debate, helping us answer some big questions: How soon will robots be fighting our wars? How do we stop them getting into the wrong hands? How soon will most of our jobs be automated, and what will that mean for the way we work? PLUS a Q&A with Ryan Gosling about making Blade Runner 2049. And take our special Replicant quiz to find out if you really are human!

Also in this PACKED edition...

Back by popular demand, and in time for the school holidays, it’s The Little Issue. It’s our special magazine within a magazine, just for kids – and all about cats! Michael Epis gets on a tour bus and journeys to music venues all around the countryside; The National talk about how different their sound is on their new album; and John Birmingham (He Died With a Felafel in His Hand) brings us hilarious writing as an antidote to all the bad stuff in the world.

The star of this edition’s Vendor Profile is Linda from Ballarat. We have Street Sheet contributions from Sharon M in Melbourne; Pat in Perth; Jacob in Sydney; and Daniel K in Adelaide. We also have a great picture of Diana from Sydney posing with Spiderman and Snow White, with a story written by her husband Lester P. In this edition's Return to Vendor we hear about the special relationship between Eddie from Brisbane and his customer David.

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