Midnight Oil

6 October 2017 #547

Cover Story: Midnight Oil

Ed#547 Midnight Oil

From Coogee to Brazil, Midnight Oil’s much-awaited reformation world tour is taking them every place you can think of…including the pages of The Big Issue! Founding member Jim Moginie takes us out on the road with his exclusive tour diary, sharing the trials, tribulations and dietary choices of our favourite rockers. PLUS Big Issue vendors ask Peter Garrett the hard questions in The Big Interview, covering everything from politics, to music, to saving the world!

Also in this issue...

In a moving Big Picture, a photographer goes behind bars, and encourages prisoners to write letters to their younger selves; we chat to Jane Harper, author of best-seller crime novel The Dry, about her brand new mystery novel; Aussie director Karina Holden talks about her latest documentary, Blue, which takes us up close and personal with the world’s oceans; and one woman writes about her reluctant membership of the Dog(less) Lovers Club, and how she alleviates her sadness over not having her own pooch.

The star of this edition’s Vendor Profile is Charlie from Perth. We have Streetsheet contributions from Megan in Brisbane; Sean and Ryan (CSSP) in Perth; and Simon in Sydney. We also have a photo and tribute to Tom from Queensland, who recently passed away. In Return to Vendor this edition we hear about the special friendship between Cheryl from Melbourne and her customer Carmen.

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