Love Summer

26 December 2017 #552

Cover Story: Love Summer

Love Summer

Here at The Big Issue we have fallen in love. Who’s the lucky object of our affection you ask? Summer!

This edition we delve into the things we love about summer – bringing you double-page features on the best beach books to dive into, binge-worthy TV shows, blockbusters to watch over the break and the must-listen music that defined 2017.

Plus…LOVE! In this edition, comedian and same sex marriage advocate Julie McCrossin writes about the joy she feels now that she will finally be officially married to her partner of 21 years.

And, with 2017 drawing to a close, we celebrate the year just passed with the return of The Big Quiz, testing you on how closely you have been reading this magazine!

Also in this issue...


  • Chris Kennett takes a hilarious look at 2017: the good, the bad and the Donald
  • we interview Geoffrey Wright about the explosive new TV version of his 25-year-old classic, Romper Stomper
  • Guillermo del Toro talks about creating love between two unlikely heroes in his new film The Shape of Water
  • Jamila Woods ponders the political relevance of her new album HEAVN
  • Brian Ritchie reflects on Trump, Tasmania and three decades of the Violent Femmes
  • in The Big Picture, the town of Parkes, NSW, gets overrun by an unlikely crowd: Elvis impersonators.

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