Stories from the Streets

25 January 2018 #554

Cover Story: Stories from the Streets

Stories from the Streets

Our vendors are the heart of The Big Issue. We celebrate their lives and stories in every edition. But there’s a special week every year dedicated to our vendors, and to the thousands of people who sell similar street magazines all around the world – International #VendorWeek (February 5-9, 2018).

To celebrate, we’ve dedicated the new edition of The Big Issue to our vendors and asked them to tell their stories.

Vendors Sharon, Mark, Kathy and Trevor write Letters to Their Younger Selves, offering hard-won wisdom, compassion and advice, and reflecting on their lives to this point.

Melbourne vendor Mariann B offers an in-depth insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes at The Big Issue; Stephen B snapshots life in the western suburbs; and Brisbane vendor Rachael receives a great honour.

Also in this issue...

  • We look at the different social enterprises being run by street papers all over the world to support homeless and disadvantaged people. 
  • Filmmaker Warwick Thornton talks about his new Indigenous western film, Sweet Country
  • The band The Internet talk about making new music ahead of their Australian tour.
  • Fiona McIntosh reveals some of the secrets to writing a book a year.

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