Generation Hope

4 May 2018 #561

Cover Story: Generation Hope

Generation Hope

Young people are too busy looking at their smartphones to care about what's going on around them, right? Wrong.

In this edition celebrate amazing young people who are working hard to make the world a better, fairer, safer place – from a 10-year-old in Cairns saving marine animals to an advocate for trans youth to an award-winning scientist who's in Year 12.

Journey to the US and be inspired by the March for Our Lives campaign – which put cover star Emma González on the world stage – and meet a high school student who helped organise the thousands-strong protest in his city.

Plus, take a trip back 50 years to 1968 when young people in Paris rose up and demanded better.


Also in this edition:

  • Big Picture features hero rats helping to eliminate the scourge of landmines in Cambodia.
  • Two first-time actors discuss their leading roles in Breath, the new movie adapted from Tim Winton's Miles Franklin Award-winning novel.
  • We speak to Lily Sullivan who stars as Miranda in Foxtel's much-anticipated remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock.
  • 'When mum became homeless' – the latest installment in our Living Homeless series.


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