Turning the Tide on Plastic

1 June 2018 #563

Cover Story: Turning the Tide on Plastic

Turning the Tide on Plastic

In the new edition of The Big Issue we look at Australia’s answer to the world waste crisis.

Until now, Australia relied on China to take our plastic – putting the problem off our shores and out of our minds. But China doesn’t want our recycling anymore. So, finally, we must deal with our mess.

Deputy Editor Katherine Smyrk speaks to experts, industry and the community and asks: Where does our rubbish actually go? What does China’s ban mean? What can be done to fix it? And learns that out of great crisis, comes great opportunity.

Plus, meet a dad who has built a house entirely from recycled material, a writer whose cultural needs clash with Plastic Free July and a woman who can fit a year’s worth of her rubbish in one jar.

And in Big Picture, a photographer makes people literally face up to the garbage they throw out each week.

Also in this edition:

Liz Ellis talks about leading Australia’s netball team, the growing profile of women’s sport and her fertility challenges in Letter to My Younger Self.
Kasey Chambers revels in the joy of making the album that she has always wanted to make – with some special guests.
• The rise and rise of Donald Glover – from viral music videos to starring in the latest Star Wars film.
• In Living Homeless, senior Queensland police officer Corey Allen shares his experiences of sleeping rough, and how it has helped him be better at his job.

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