Get Happy

13 July 2018 #566

Cover Story: Get Happy

Get Happy

Is there a simple way to unlock a lifetime of happiness? In the new edition of The Big Issue we take a deep dive into the world of wellbeing.

Deputy Editor Katherine Smyrk investigates theories on happiness, from Aristotle’s to Oprah’s, and takes the multi-billion-dollar happiness industry for a test drive.

Dr Tim Sharp, aka Dr Happy, and Jill Stark, author of Happy Never After, answer the big questions: Is hunting for happiness making us miserable? And should we really expect to be happy all the time?

Plus, what’s actually happening to your brain when you’re happy, which countries are the happiest and why, and can money buy happiness (the answer might surprise you).

Also in this edition:

  • Comedian Adam Hills talks about shyness, his prosthetic leg and how food poisoning almost cost him his career in Letter to my Younger Self.
  • The director of a new Whitney Houston biopic on finding the human behind the headline (and some amazing musical moments).
  • Sydney duo The Presets talk about getting political through music and their latest album Hi Viz.
  • Celebrity chef Simon Bryant shares his recipe for and memories of cooking dal in Tastes Like Home.
  • In Living Homeless, a man finds his way out of the woods after 10 years.

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