Lee Lin Chin

5 October 2018 #572

Cover Story: Lee Lin Chin

Lee Lin Chin


In her first interview since signing off from SBS World News for the last time, Lee Lin Chin talks to The Big Issue about rebellion, books, The Beatles and how she is “not interested in fashion”.

For 30 years Lee Lin Chin graced our screens, and since resigning there has been rampant speculation about her next role. Will she go in the running to become our “Prime Chinister”? Or become the new head of the ABC?

In this edition we take a look at the person behind the accomplished journalist and ribald Twitter comedian that the Australian public has come to love, and ask the question on everyone’s lips: “What’s next for Lee Lin Chin?”

Also in this edition:

Claire Foy takes us to the moon (landing) and back, revealing all about her new film First Man – a Neil Armstrong biopic co-starring Ryan Gosling.
The Living End talk about surprising people, punk and putting their all into their eighth album.
Family Food Fight chef Anna Polyviou shares her recipe for Galaktoboureko – a traditional Greek dessert of golden filo, creamy custard and syrup – in Tastes Like Home.
• With a focus on Mental Health Week, one writer shares her story of living with a mental illness; and finding a unique way to cope.
• Big Issue vendor Cheryl from Melbourne writes about the issues of being homeless and a woman in Living Homeless
• Find out how – and why – Samuel L Jackson “kidnapped” Martin Luther King Sn in this edition’s Click.

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