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Bon Jovi

16 November 2018 #575

Cover Story: Bon Jovi

Ed575 Bon Jovi

He may have sold more than 130 million records, he may have been dubbed People’s “Sexiest Rock Star” in 2000, but beneath Bon Jovi’s leather jacket beats a bleeding heart.

In the latest Big Issue, writer Terri White sits down with JBJ to talk about rocking the world while fighting homelessness through the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

And on top of changing the world, Bon Jovi is back on tour, hitting Australia from 1 December. For our pick of the best Bon Jovi bangers, check out The Big Issue Australia’s playlist on Spotify.

Also in this tuneful edition:

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  • Big Picture captures an orangutan school in Borneo that trains the endangered animals to live in the wild
  • Every two minutes Australian police are called to a domestic violence matter – one writer shares her experience of survival
  • STREAT’s executive chef Diane Kerry shares her delicious recipe of Lamb Loin Chops with Middle Eastern Grain Salad in Tastes Like Home
  • Indie darling Cat Power is back again: new album, new tour, new child, which adds up to a new lease of life
  • Local doco I Used to Be Normal looks at the life of boyband mega fans, from The Beatles to One Direction

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